Horndean Church of England Junior School

Thinking with Thanksgiving Learning with Love Caring with Compassion

  • Five Heads Road, Horndean,
  • Waterlooville, Hampshire,
  • PO8 9NW
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School Staff

We have a large and dedicated staff team who work well together to secure excellent educational provision, care and guidance for each of our 512 children.

This year's staff teams are:

Miss Maria Ackland

Deputy Headteacher
Mrs Lou Bundy

Inclusion Leader (SENCo)
Mrs Amy Piper


Year 3 Leader

Mrs Holly Lane (Lindesay Class)


Year 3 Teachers

Mrs Alicia West and Mrs Lucy Hargreaves (Westbrook Class)

Mrs Molly Newbould (Naish Class)

Miss Rose Wilson (White Class)


Year 3 Learning Support Assistants

Mr Mike Atkinson

Mrs Sharon Lane

Miss Natasha Goble

Mrs Molly Hancock


Year 4 Leader

Mrs Sarah Thomas (Thame Class)


Year 4 Teachers

Mrs Amy Turner (Titchmarsh Class)

Ms Celia Brown (Bourne Class)

Miss Holly Hannam (Headlam Class)


Year 4 Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Nicola Hope

Mrs Carol McKells

Mrs Dawn Burnett

Mrs Julie George


Year 5 Leader

Mr Tom Upfield (Upsdell Class)


Year 5 Teachers

Mrs Emma Morris (Maton Class)

Mr Jonathan Ackerman (Adepitan Class)

Mrs Jo Haldenby (Hahn Class)


Year 5 Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Jayne Green

Mrs Nicky Prosser

Mrs Karan Reid

Miss Kerry Morrison


Year 6 Leader

Mr Trevor Stephens (Seacole Class)


Year 6 Teachers

Mrs Ruth McLeod (Mackay Class)

Miss Esther Jennings (Jenner Class)

Mr William Jones (Jarvis Class)


Year 6 Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Jacquie Rendle

Mrs Wendy Reynaud

Mrs Angela Beaumont

Mrs Sarah Worsfold


Special Educational Needs Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Dionne Hibbs

Mrs Becky Price

Mrs Claire Ryder

Mrs Anne McGovern

Mrs Sandra Ritchie

Mrs Julie Daniel

Mrs Hannah Brown

Mrs Carrie French

Mr Sam Ackerman

Miss Katie Robinson

Mrs Carey Pitney


Emotional Literacy Support Assistant (ELSA)

Mrs Gretta Willans


Values Coach

Mrs Tracie Bower


Business Manager

Mrs Paula Tanner


Senior Admin Assistants

Mrs Danielle Bennett


Admin and Welfare Assistant

Mrs Andrea Birmingham


Breakfast Club Leader

Mrs Anita Gaunt


Breakfast Club Assistants

Mr Robert Austin

Mrs Dawn Burnett

Mrs Sue Cook


Senior Supervisory Assistant

Mrs Jane Jenson


Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Barbara Bearryman

Mrs Hannah Brown

Mrs Morita Brown

Mrs Sue Cook

Mrs Shirley Foster

Mrs Anita Gaunt

Mrs Jane Jenson

Mrs Leah Tarrant

Mrs Ann Woods


Site Manager

Mr George Alder



Mrs Morita Brown

Mrs Sue Cook

Mrs Shirley Foster

Mrs Amy Maidwell

Mrs Sioux Martin